December 05, 2016

UpToPromo release The First Automatic Google Adword Service in Indonesia
Google Adwords is complex and it takes a lot of time to learn how to work with this system.

For any business owner or marketing specialist there are 2 ways:
 1) Learn how to work with Google Adwords - high test budgets, about half a year to learn basics and special tecniques
 2) Conclude contract with an agency - High commissions, minimum budgets are high, usualy agencies conclude contracts for a period of time (min 3 month).

And now, PromoNavigator solves all these problems:
You can use PromoNavigator for Automatic Google Adword Service.
PromoNavigator is a Google Partner in Indonesia, all our customer support team are strong and certified professionals in Google Adwords.
Our company is a Premier Partner world wide and soon local Indonesian office will get this status too.
Our system works automatically to create your ad campaign.
You just need to input your site link and PromoNavigator system will check, make, and start the advertising campaign for you.

The reason why you need to use PromoNavigator :
 1) Commision is low – 15% from the marketing budget.
 2) You do not need to sign long term conract, you can just register and account and turn on advertising whenever you need
 3) Minimum budget is flexible – you can start your advertising campaign with Rp. 100 000
 4) Everything is automated – Keywords selection and suggestion, Ads text generation (but you can write your own text), Bid management system (it helps you to save your budget and leads to a better results)

Try today and be happy with the new clients for your website.

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