October 13, 2016

The UpToPromo system has a new feature for free is “SEO Checklist”.

What is SEO checklist?

Is free tools from upToPromo that can be used to check the progress SEO optimization on your sites, with following the instruction that can help your site be TOP 10 search result on Google.

Benefits SEO checklist ?

  1. Providing knowledge of SEO optimization

  2. Track progress of SEO

  3. Doing SEO optimization with techniques and the correct way

  4. Getting complete techniques and the latest update

  5. Helping your site be TOP 10 search result on google

How to SEO checklist ?

  1. Without registration you can use this feature by click the button "SEO Checklist" on above toolbar menu

  2. Or you can login to system UpToPromo and then choose site which to be analyzed and click the button of "SEO checklist" on buttom project name

Lets try SEO checklist in UpToPromo and raise the visibility of your site!

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