Automated website promotion system

Uptopromo is a full-featured online-system for automated SEO promotion in Indonesian Google TOP-10. Running online advertising campaign with Uptopromo is easy, fast and effective. Make online-advertising with your own hands at extremely low costs!

How it works

Online business promotion to Google TOP10 is in your hands!
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Step 1
You add a website and start campaign
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Step 2
Your website gets to the TOP of Google
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Step 3
More and more new customers go to your website

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  • Ease - optimizer that doesn’t require special knowledge
  • Savings - links from our sites are effective
  • Speed - all routine processes are automated

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  • Warranty - persistently high earnings from the site
  • Ease - set the code and immediately start earning
  • Stability - daily payments for bank cards
Basic advantages of UpTOPromo: free creation of promotion campaign in by online-marketing specialist + full range analysis + automated external optimization + complex analysis of internal optimization + detailed reports.

Ten reasons why you need to start promoting your business with UpToPromo:

  • 1 New promising channel of customer acquisition for your business. Cheaper and more efficient than offline advertising (radio, newspapers, TV) and online advertising such as banners, AdWords, Facebook -- from only Rp. 30.000,-;
  • 2 User-friendly interface and easy process of creating a promotion campaign -- 5 minutes and 3 steps will bring a lot of new customers or target visitors to your website;
  • 3 Targeted keywords suggestion that will make your promotion efficient + analysis of Google searches per month and average budget for promotion for each keyword;
  • 4 The cost of promotion is more than 20 times cheaper than AdWords (by the cost of each target visitor or customer and ROI - return of investment);
  • 5 Analysis of the website by the most relevant pages (landing pages) for Keyword promotion and optimization, daily check of this parameter after launching;
  • 6 Automated backlinks text generation for each keyword, creation of algorithms and schemes for external optimization of the website;
  • 7 Automatic releasing of backlinks from high-quality donors (websites);
  • 8 Complex analysis of content optimization for each keyword by few parameters;
  • 9 Daily automated checking of positions in by each keyword and setting up detailed plans and reports;
  • 10 Real opportunity to get a professionally made project that will take on board all your ideas and preferences (projects starting from RP. 300 000).
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